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Wednesday27 October 2021

Signs and symptoms

Vascular anomalies might be apparent already at birth as a tumor and/or discoloration of the skin but might also first be noted later in life. They can affect any organ except lymphatic malformations that are not found in the brain as the brain lacks lymphatics. Signs of vascular anomalies depend on location and type of anomaly.

Vascular tumors are often apparent as a visible masses and might cause symptoms due to compression or impairment of organ function.

Capillary malformations are readily visible as red/purple discolorations of the skin and in most instances only give cosmetic problems.

Venous malformations might appear as blue subcutaneous lesion but most often are not visible through the skin. The most common symptom is pain due to distension of blood during physical activity or as a result thrombosis in parts of the lesions.

Lymphatic malformations are prone to bleedings into the lymphatic cysts and to infections.

Arteriovenous malformations can cause pain, skin necrosis and cardiac failure when extensive.