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Wednesday27 October 2021


NSVA Bylaws

I. Definition, Name, History

The Nordic Society for Vascular Anomalies (NSVA) emanates from the former Vaskulära lesionssällskapet that was created in 1997 at the initiative of Pål Svendsen at Sahlgrenska hospital. The basic concept of the society was to arrange informal meetings and exchange experience in the treatment of hemangiomas and vascular malformations. Later, several groups from Norway and Denmark joined the society which consequently became the NSVA.


II. Purpose

The basic purpose of the society is to arrange informal meetings in the Nordic countries to encourage the development of a network of professional contacts and exchange of scientific knowledge on vascular anomalies. The overall ambition is to promote clinical and scientific research in all fields that will lead to advanced knowledge within all aspects of vascular anomalies.


III. Membership

Membership of the NSVA is open to all health care professionals with interest in vascular anomalies. A fee may be required from each member according to directions from the board. The board shall assign one board member to establish a list of members.


IV. Termination of Membership

Membership can end due to any of: (i) failure to pay dues during a consecutive 2-year period, (ii) resignation or (iii) exclusion.


A member wishing to resign must inform the Secretary General. There shall be no refunds of dues. The decision to exclude a member must be based on a documented pattern of behaviour which is deemed unacceptable by a simple majority vote of the board members.


V. Workshop Meetings

NSVA should regularly organize workshop meetings that are open to professionals with interest in research and treatment of vascular anomalies. The NSVA proposes that each of the Nordic countries should host the workshop meetings in turn.


VI. General Assembly  

A general assembly (GA) shall be held every year in connection with a regular workshop meeting. The President and other members of the board are elected for a term of 2 years. All board members may be re-elected for a maximum of 3 times, except the President, who may be re-elected only once, unless otherwise decided by the GA. A nominating committee of 3 general members who do not sit on the board should prepare the elections and present the candidates to the GA. The NSVA proposes that there should be one board member from each country. All voting is carried out in accordance with section XI of this document.


VII. The Board

Board posts should include the following:


  • President;
  • Vice President;
  • Secretary General;
  • Treasurer;
  • Scientific Secretary; and
  • additional board member(s) (country representatives).




VIII. Board Meetings

Board meetings should be held regularly and, in any event, at least once per year. The date and place of the board meetings is free for the board to decide and can be combined with any of the regular workshop meetings. An agenda for a board meeting should be provided to members of the board at least 3 weeks in advance of that meeting.


IX. Language

The official language of NSVA is English.


X. Finances

The income of the NSVA shall be derived from the following sources:


  • annual membership dues;
  • donations;
  • activities of the Society;
  • grants; and
  • any other legally authorised resources.


XI. Voting rights

Voting rights at the GA are reserved to active members only. Each active member has only one vote and must be present at the GA to exercise such vote. At the GA, decisions are made by simple majority vote.  Secret voting can be requested by the simple majority of voting members present. A vote will be taken at the request of a single member proposing secret voting to the GA.


XII. Extraordinary general assembly

An extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) may be called by any member of the board. The reason and purpose of an EGA must be sent within 3 weeks to all members who have voting rights and have fulfilled their obligations toward the NSVA. The Chair of the EGA is the President of the NSVA unless a discussion of the President’s position is the principal reason for such EGA. In such a case the President is replaced for this function by the Secretary General or another member of the board.


XIII      Modification of bylaws

Bylaw amendments can be decided by 2/3 majority of the plenary at a General Assembly meeting. Proposals of amendments should be announced to the members at least 4 weeks before the GA. Bylaw amendments should be voted on at two consecutive meetings.

Oslo, May 8th, 2009

Revised and approved Copenhagen 27th Nov2009